Modion Maritime Management S.A. is a ship management company traditionally engaging in the operation of dry bulk carrier vessels.

Company’s vessels trade all over the world and carry all types of bulk cargoes such as grains, maize, coal, iron ore. Proper maintenance and careful selection of executives and crew members enables the company’s fleet to enter ports with the strictest port state control regulations and most demanding maintenance requirements.

Safety and human protection are priority items in the company’s management profile. A company’s performance and reputability are always directly related to the human factor and as such it is the company’s policy to ascertain safe working conditions and dignified working environment to the people employed by Modion Maritime Management S.A.

Safe carriage of the cargo is also an integral part of the company’s policy. Modion is continuously making certain that cargoes are transferred intact and safely to their receivers and always take the necessary precautions for its fleet to securely accommodate any bulk cargo until the port of destination.

The Principal of Modion Maritime has been involved in the Shipping industry for more than forty years, first on board sea going vessels as a Captain for five years and then as an established Sale and Purchase broker. Very soon, during the downturn of the shipping market of the 1970s, he developed an interest in ship ownership and operations.

Throughout the years, more than forty vessels have passed under the company’s management. Modion successfully accomplished to sustain a reliable and long-term presence through the various market fluctuations.

Today, M.M.M S.A employees 40 people ashore and 300 crew members. Currently the company operates fourteen bulk carrier vessels.

The core principles underlying Modion’s philosophy are:

    • Quality services and dedication to safe carriage of goods by sea
    • Conformity with rules and regulations of all international, governmental and shipping authorities.
    • Respect to the environment and to the natural habitat.
    • Long –term business horizon with newbuilding orderbook
    • Maximisation of benefits to stakeholders, Owners, Charterers, Crew, Modion employees.

Modion’s strong competences enable the company to survive and overcome the intense competition between players of the industry and the fluctuating shipping market cycles:

    • Operational excellence acquired by the long term experience in dry bulk carriers vessels
    • Efficient management of both modern and older tonnage
    • Preemptive maintenance, quality control and high standards implementation
    • Excellent voyage performance sustaining strong bonds with our clients/ charterers
    • Increased flexibility enabled through enhanced teamwork and quick decision making processes.



The operations department is the one responsible for all the activities of the vessels after the fixture.These involve the communication of voyage instructions and details, the coordination between charterers/ shippers, agents and the vessel, bunkering and supplying and, the overall safe transportation and delivery of the cargo to its intended recipient


Through its in-house chartering department, Modion has created a wide clients network to secure employment to its fleet. Throughout the years, it has built strong, long term business relationships with reputable first class Charterers and trading houses.


The technical department is responsible for repairs, drydock and maintenance of the vessel’s hull and equipment. Preventive and extensive maintenance programme is implemented involving pro active strategies and scheduled visits on board.

The purchase department is also part of the technical department. It is responsible for the purchasing of spares and equipment for the fleet and to supply deck/ engine stores, fresh provisions and anything consumable required always in accordance to the place/time constraints imposed by each particular employment.


Modion provides consultation and advice to the shareholders of the vessels’ under its management as to the right time to buy or sell through market analysis and careful evaluation of shipping trends. Being involved in the S&P sector since the beginning of its establishment, the company has access to big networks and brokerage houses internationally.

Total tonnage





Vessel Type Built DWT Flag
Christianna BC 2012 81,755 Liberia
Alexis BC 2012 81.569 Liberia
Christina V BC 2014 77.211 Liberia
Minoan Pioneer BC 2011 93.282 Liberia
Minoan Falcon BC 2011 92.700 Liberia
Georgia T BC 2011 80.499 Liberia
Stefanos T BC 2011 80.499 Liberia
Minoan Sky BC 2008 75.118 Liberia
Minoan Glory BC 2006 74.740 Liberia
Minoan Courage BC 2004 76.801 Liberia
Minoan Dignity BC 2004 76.801 Liberia
Minoan Flame BC 1998 73.937 Liberia
Minoan Hill BC 2011 93.262 Malta
Minoan Sea BC 2016 81.502 Liberia

Currently no tonnage under order.