The operations department is the one responsible for all the activities of the vessels after the fixture. These involve the communication of voyage instructions and details, the coordination between charterers/ shippers, agents and the vessel, bunkering and supplying and, the overall safe transportation and delivery of the cargo to its intended recipient.  Among other things, the operations department also supervises hire/ freight collection and approves payments related to operational matters.


Through its in-house chartering department, Modion has created a wide clients network to secure employment to its fleet. Throughout the years, it has built strong, long term business relationships with reputable first class Charterers and trading houses.

The vessels trade all around the world mainly, the U.S. Gulf, the Mediterranean, the Continent, the Far East, and the Pacific basin, carrying bulk cargoes, such as grain, maize, coal, iron ore, etc.

The role of the in-house broker is to carefully evaluate all employment opportunities available, with the highest return possible, always by transporting cargoes that are lawful and harmless to the vessel and her crew. Employment contracts are usually short or medium-term time charters, thus achieving relative stability in cash flows, while at the same time enabling the company to take advantage of market upturns when occurring.

Technical Ship Management

The technical department is responsible for repairs, drydock and maintenance of the vessel’s hull and equipment. Preventive and extensive maintenance programme is implemented involving pro active strategies and scheduled visits on board.

The purchase department is also part of the technical department. It is responsible for the purchasing of spares and equipment for the fleet and to supply deck/ engine stores, fresh provisions and anything consumable required always in accordance to the place/time constraints imposed by each particular employment.

Sale & Purchase

Modion provides consultation and advice to the shareholders of the vessels’ under its management as to the right time to buy or sell through market analysis and careful evaluation of shipping trends. Being involved in the S&P sector since the beginning of its establishment, the company has access to big networks and brokerage houses internationally.